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People will see right through that. Basically, we want to write the type of content that people crave. Despite all of this realize that your message will resonate with someone. Did you know exactly what you wanted to be when you grew up?

How To Make A WordPress Blog Step By Step For Beginners

What about in school? For me, I had no clue. I was always envious of those that knew they wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, mom, etc. I was not so sure. The same goes for blogging. Deciding what to blog about can be one of the toughest parts. Just start. When it comes to creating a blog I suggest doing a bit of brainstorming. Write out some things that you love and then start putting pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard. Do you have to have a niche blog? My answer is of course no. This is just a wonderful, writes-about-everything blog and follows their passion.

They make 5 figures a month. They write well and they focus on a Pinterest strategy more on that later, keep reading! How to save money when…. How to find… the perfect prom dress, the best makeup for your face shape, the best recipe for Friendsgiving. What does this all mean?

45 things you should know before starting a blog…

Like how to clean your toothbrush properly. Can you imagine writing daily about cleaning a tooth brush? Did I mention I have a high Domain Authority?

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But I try to write high quality posts that will benefit my readers. If you already have a blog skip on down to number five. There is a tiny bit of grunt work to start a blog. I guarantee if I can do this, so can you. I wish that I would just always stick with WordPress.

This is coming from someone who was a full-time, professional blogger who once was on Blogger. WordPress does it all and then some.

How to Make Your Blog Popular: Hurdle 2

Next, you need hosting. Hosting is the service that allows your website to viewed and ensures that it can handle traffic. Before I made a decision I did tons of research if you know me, you know that I always go over the top on my research. And I found the best hosting provider out there with Siteground. The main reasons? Reliability, support, and ease of use. Siteground works and they are there for you when you need them. Which can be really important if you run into any issues with your blog.

How to Create and Start a WordPress Blog in 15 Minutes or Less (Step by Step)

They also offer an easy to use installer and free transfer. So it makes it seamless to transition your blog. Create a profitable blog today with Siteground. The theme of you blog gives it the look and feel that you want and allows you to structure your blog how you see fit. There are two parts to a theme: the framework think of this as the frame of a house and the child theme think of this as the paint and landscaping.

The framework makes up the bones or foundation of your blog.

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I use and suggest Genesis. As for your child theme this is what you can think of as the blog design. There are many options out there. Simple and pretty themes that also work with Genesis. It will take some time to choose this but know you can always change it. If you feel particularly stumped with any of the above you can always ask for help. I use a company to help manage my blog and install my designs called WP Help.

You might notice that some blogs have things like opt in boxes, social share buttons, and more. These are plugins they install on their blog many are free to customize the look and feel of the blog even more. I detail out everything I use and how I use it. I love the designs inside of Creative Market. You simply search for a logo you like and can even find designers who can customize it.

I wanted a bit more detail to my logo but when I looked to hire a designer I felt it was crazy expensive. Then I discovered 99 Designs. If you need anything designed even a website I highly recommend this. You pay one price.

How to Create a Profitable Blog in - Helene in Between

I am obsessed! My answer? There is no right time. The sea will not part, you will not receive some magical sign. Many people are afraid to share. It can be scary to reveal more of yourself online. But in order to succeed you just need to go for it. Just putting yourself out there is enough. As you start writing you will learn what works for you and this will help you structure your other pages and your blog itself. Remember, your blog can change. My blog has had a number of major changes over the years: name change, about a dozen different blog designs, writing, direction, etc.

I find that as you grow and as you write your blog will grow with you.

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The important step as you go is finding your ideal reader. Who do you want to read your blog. You MUST map this out. You cannot improve your blog, make money blogging, or drive traffic without having a solid understanding of your ideal follower. For me, my blog is a mix of things but my reader is clear: she is a something woman who wants to live a meaningful life through experiences and goals.

Tailoring your work to a specific audience is one of the best things you can do for your blog. Keep you energized. Keep you turning up every day when it all feels too hard.

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  5. What is it that makes you tick? What do you love? What topics inspire you and help you write with ease? Finding your passion is an essential part of sustaining a blog in the long term. It will help you find like-minded people who are excited about the same things as you, and it will motivate you to push that little bit harder when it feels like your wheels are spinning. You want to be able to define your passion in a succinct mission statement — 20 words or less. For me, it is all about winning at business and life in a digital world.

    What is it for you? For you this might be obvious, it may be subconscious, or it could be buried deep down within. Either way you need to find it and document it. Post it on your wall. Read it every day. The most successful bloggers find a way to connect on a very personal level with their audience.