Donegal and the Irish Civil War

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To renew a subscription please login first. Content is protected. Please sign up or login to view content. If you would like to take out a subscription to the magazine, you can do that by clicking here. The village of Lisaniska, in which I was born lies six miles east of Castlebar. Shaped roughly like a horse-shoe, it was created or rather re-created at the beginning of […]. Political Lessons in Castleblayney The 8th of March was a memorable school day for me but for the wrong reasons.

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The night before, a loyalist bomb had exploded in […]. In this year of centenary commemorations of the Easter Rising, I recall my happy discovery two years ago of a photo that reminded me — nostalgically — of my own […]. Nobody knows for sure if William Diggin began his emigration with a ride aboard the Lartigue monorail from Ballybunion to the mainline train at Listowel.

The monorail began operating […]. My guardian told me a story about one of his adventures in the boarding house of the school that he used to study. This story is around the s in […]. The things that they would get up to is hilarious. Hmmm, where shall I begin… The Solid […]. Well, when he tells the story he always insists that he only borrowed the horse, and […]. It was a car that needed to be […].

My granddad when he was just 17 decided to drop everything , family , school , friends and his life to go and find work in England.

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He started his […]. In the early s when my dad was five years old, my granddad and granny brought him along with his two younger brothers and his younger sister to the spring […]. A little back ground to my mum. She lived in a Place […]. During the midterm I talked to a very interesting man, he was a former teacher in the SligoGrammar School and his name is Damhlaic MagShamhrain. He was a man born […].

The s Period History Donegal Town County Donegal Ireland

She spent all of her childhood there and in the surrounding parts of the […]. Both my parents were Irish, having emigrated […]. My Granda always told me stories about his job.

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He was a photographer. He moved from Glasgow to Buncrana in Donegal. The reason his family moved was because my great […]. My great, great,Uncle was James Connolly. He was born on the 11th of September in Kinlough, County Leitrim.

On February 26, , Dougherty was scouting in the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, when a Confederate raiding party appeared, turned about when they saw the Union cavalry, and lured them into an ambush. Michael Dougherty and 50 of his comrades became prisoners. They were taken to Richmond and held for three months, after which they were exchanged for Confederate prisoners held by the Union forces. Dougherty, by now a seasoned soldier, returned to his regiment.

He distinguished himself as a dispatch rider at the Battle of Winchester in June for which he was decorated for bravery.

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On October 12, , at Jefferson, Virginia, at 4 a. Dougherty called for volunteers and opened fire. Seven Confederates died. The 13th Pennsylvania lost men killed, wounded and captured, the vast majority being forced to surrender. From 12th October to 12th April Dougherty was to spend his time in Confederate prisons. I will include James in the map. Bill Mansfield. Hi Bill, Thanks for this detail, it is super! Kind Regards, Damian. Mick MacNamara. James Brunelle.

A Donegal American Civil War Diary

Hi James, The National Archives is definitely your best bet, have you checked pension files and service records there? Social Links. Email Subscription. Email: irishamericancivilwar gmail. Support Irish in the American Civil War. Jan 3 Posts. Feb 3 Posts. Mar 3 Posts.

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