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He was so unique and had such a distinctive personality. Nobody else followed in his footsteps. We have polo in common.

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He managed to be powerful without Billy Cobham-style or Joey Jordison-style drum fills. Economy and power — and he got his power from the economy.


Spanish Boots is one of the great rock tracks of all time. The synergy of the guitar and drums stood out. As a kid, I was a frustrated guitarist and bass player — still am — and I could easily have taken a left or right turn and been either of those two things. I ended up playing drums instead.

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Bass and guitar have always been very important, and on Spanish Boots — and the whole album — those elements really come together. This is the fun list, but those are both fun and good medicine, so you get the whole package. Hearing this made me listen to the sound of the tom-toms and the resonance of the drums.

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It reminded me to, every once in a while, leave some space so that you can hear the individual voice of the drum, which can be very beautiful. I had burned out on jazz because I had been raised on it, so when I heard this music, I was pumped. His first solo album had a really big track with a simple bassline. Not good for you children. For me, Mahavishnu and Return To Forever kind of folded together a bit. Lenny White on the drums was just as important as Billy Cobham. All that cool shit that he does with both his feet and his hands has to be marveled at. I mean, with his feet he does what most drummers aspire to do with their hands.

And then the stuff he does with his hands — look out!

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You gotta see Slipknot. What is that? Just as I did so — bang! The explosion of the volume on stage, and that little fucking bastard on the drums [laughs]. A very light touch, but it works. So you put those guys with a rock band, and it sounds terrific. That pretty much killed that!

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He has that same sense of tasteful economy, so he might wind up on the helpful list. You could earn a living playing like him. Zach can do whatever the fuck he wants — he can sing, he can shout, he can chop his head off — but that rhythm section makes whatever he does sound way cool.

This is the album where it all came together. Mike Nettleton. Skip to content. Drum Warrior Destiny? Or doom? Find this book at: Amazon. Find us online! No Substitute for Milestones 11th in a series. Can Dave arrest a Read More. No Substitute for Munchies Read More.

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On top of that, if her condo complex Read More. Nightfall Bay. To complicate matters, donated food and clothing for low-income kids go missing from the high school, and a plot surfaces to close the city pool. When she was Las Vegas showgirl royalty, Muriel Ballantine steered clear of the vicious thug. Barb is certain someone framed Mrs. B—perhaps Glorree Morning, a high-kicking competitor from back in the day. When the investigation stalls and Mrs.

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Is Bigfoot prowling around Reckless River, Washington? Has Sasquatch come to the city? And something huge and hairy careened into Read More.

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