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She told me no, it was about a tiger coming to tea. Heard a great Judith Kerr radio interview a while back where the interviewer suggested that the Tiger who came to Tea was in fact the Nazis coming for the Jewish people. Kerr paused and then slowly said: "The Tiger… is very much a tiger… who wants some tea. Aged 91, Judith Kerr was interviewed by Radio Times after designing one of our loveliest Christmas covers. Along with, most importantly, some truly delightful photos of Kerr and her cats through the years.


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Judith Merril "The Little Mother of Science Fiction" Known as "the little mother of science fiction," Judith Merril burst onto the New York literary scene in with a disturbing story about nuclear radiation. Ballard author of Crash and Empire of the Sun in "Science fiction, I suspect, is now dead, and probably died about the time that Judy closed her anthology and left to found her memorial library to the genre in Toronto.

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She is very aware of how the way she lived was below the standards of others. She goes on further to describe how everything in the neighborhood is small and filthy while looking through the kitchen window. She also describes her mother who also is desperate to leave this place and go on vacation to Puerto Rico to visit family and be surrounded by people and culture that they fit in with.

The detailed setting of this story helps the reader understand why the narrator and her mother both desire to escape and return to what they know because it is easier and better. Flying is the fastest way of getting somewhere and gives the feeling of complete freedom. This is what the young girl and her mother were dreaming about, although their dreams were very different, they had the same meaning behind them. The mother would look out the window hopelessly and imagine the feeling of being able to fly to escape and be where she feels happiest and most comfortable: Puerto Rico.

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As Jing- Mei first arrives in Guangzhou, the scenery is described as very dull and gloomy which can be describes as winter. This is a representation of the time period she must go through before she is able to blossom and evolve. Once she gets to Shanghai, the scenery is still the same being dull winter like but after she meets her sisters for the first time, it is as if winter shifts to spring. The names of her and the twin sisters when translated to English all have a connection to the spring season.