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The second problem is uncertainty, wondering whether you are making the right decision to change direction.

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Both of these factors involve risk, and risk creates stress and anxiety. This gives us the best clue how to move forward. Make a plan that minimizes risk and stress. To do this, most people need money, emotional support, training, and experience.

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If you had to handle all of these at the same time, the result would be stressful and highly risky. You can test the waters for each of these things. Training can begin with part-time courses or night school. Experience can begin with apprenticeship or becoming a volunteer.

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Emotional support can begin by consulting friends and family until you find someone who supports your dream. The same is true for financial support. In the Indian tradition, this is known as dharma , the ability of consciousness to know, activate and support the right action. Now you have the practical way to achieve your dharma —living your life purpose in the present moment.

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    Topics: Career and Success. Deepak Chopra, M. Reach a place of strong, unshakeable inner peace before looking at your colorful calendar or checking your 40 unread emails. Put your mind first--after all, nothing works without it.

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    For some of us, this means coffee. For others, this means a quick stretch or jog before work.

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    Although we all have different ways of waking our bodies up, this is a crucial step in beginning our day well. Feed your body what it physically needs to get going, whether it is coffee, breakfast, or exercise. The rest of the day, it'll thank you.

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    The language of change is much more important than we realise. A tiny change of emphasis, but really important, for no other reason than, in saying it, you have already hit your first milestone.

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    The language is vital. Acknowledging the need is not the same as committing to do something about it. How about. So, next time you plan a diet, how about starting it right now?

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    And next time you think about that exciting and necessary life change, give yourself a deadline and make it the shortest possible one you can practically achieve. At the same time, make a list of tasks you need to do to get yourself to the first deadline, add them to a diary… with their own mini-deadlines and do the first one now.