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Georgette Dunn What kept me coming back to class? Learning to practice, not perform. Learning to know when to step back, and when to trust myself and push past fear, how to be in the moment without reacting- these are gifts I continually receive from practicing yoga- and gifts I authentically strive to share through teaching. In I completed my hr certification through the guidance of Joseph Stingley.

I enjoy teaching a powerful vinyasa flow, focused on alignment and breath control that pushes boundaries yet leaves you feeling balanced, energized and uplifted. Jen Ostman Hi, I'm Jennifer! As both a Yoga Teacher and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I believe that reaching optimal health is a journey of bioindivuality: we are each unique. Your yoga practice shouldn't look exactly like someone else's.

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The diet that works best for you, may not be the one that works best for your friend. I have found that practicing yoga is one of the very best ways to cultivate the self-awareness that leads you on this journey to optimal health. I taught power flow at a variety of studios for 3 years and then found my way to American Power Yoga in Dallas, where I completed a second Teacher Training program in One of the most valuable lessons I've learned from my training is that yoga truly should be for everyone. So when I teach, I try to avoid saying the names of the poses. Why would that matter? Well, how are you supposed to know what to do when your teacher says "move into Warrior 2" if you've never been to a yoga classes before?

What the heck is Warrior 2? I like to tell you where your right foot goes, where your left hand goes, and most importantly, don't forget to breathe and not take yourself so seriously.

1. Lion's Breath

Jennifer Jameson My love for yoga developed over the course of 16 years. After spending the majority of my life as a ballet, hip-hop, tap dancer and avid runner, I discovered yoga in college.

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It wasn't until my third child turned 3 that I began a consistent practice. Becoming a certified instructor was a natural progression for my practice and I received my hour certification in I hope to share my love and knowledge for the practice and inspire my students in every class that I teach. Jessie Haims Movement has always been a major part of my life beginning with ballroom dancing as a teen. In , my ballroom dance partner and I won both the world and national titles in our division.

Shortly after I retired from dancing, but my love of movement continued into my next career as a yoga instructor. My background is rooted in anatomy and biomechanics and my goal as a teacher is to empower my students through this knowledge so they can live without pain. In class you can expect to find fun, flow, and fundamentals of human movement. I hope each student walks away learning something new about their bodies each time, and armed with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions about their movement both on and off the mat!

John-Paul Henry JP was a long distance runner who attended his first yoga class at We Yogis after the studio opened in He discovered yoga after developing foot pain problems from, and he feel in love with the solace that came from the mind body connection, and the physical challenges that came from the practice. He still a competitive runner, having completed his 5th Boston Marathon and 11th overall at the distance in April Juan Zambrano Juan Zambrano started his yoga practice in while finishing his masters program. He was introduced to it through yoga therapy, immediately he knew yoga was for him.

Since then, Juan has been on his spiritual path taking all sorts of trainings. Learning Tantric principles from India to Egyptian Esoteric knowledge. His journey eventually led him to practicing under Susie Caicedo.

Mind Over Mat: Having Fun While Focusing on What Matters by Jenny Gallagher

Juan completed his hr training with Susie in January You can find his classes to be challenging yet relaxing while playing this newest and hottest music. Looking to find the same endorphin release while healing her ankle she found bikram yoga and was instantly hooked to the structured postures, the heat, and the zen-like state after class. She realized that through doing yoga she was finally able to calm her mind and that benefit extended to her home life. Later on during pregnancy, looking for a lighter routine, she found Vinyasa yoga and enjoyed the fluidity of linking breath to movement.

Post-pregnancy she was looking for a better combination of the heat of bikram, but the constant movement of a true Vinyasa Flow. It was at We Yogis that she fell in love with the practice and realized how much more yoga is than just a workout.

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Under the amazing guidance of Gina Dunn, Nicolle Callahan, and Cheryl Oliver she realized her calling to be a teacher. In her classes she aims to get you sweating, refine your movements, and help you realize the benefits of yoga on and off the mat. Meet her there!. Kaleigh Walker Kaleigh Walker's background in and love for dance led her to try her first yoga class in She quickly realized the profound physical and mental benefits that could be achieved with a regular practice and became hooked!

Kaleigh blends a mixture of basic yogic fundamentals with creative sequencing and uplifting music to motivate her students to further deepen and develop their own individual practice. Expect to challenge your strength and balance, develop a deeper mental clarity and experience a new found sense of achievement and purpose each time you come to Kaleigh's class. After nearly 10 years in Los Angeles, Kaleigh has relocated to Dallas to share her passion for all things healthy! For more information on her background, teaching schedule, and health blog check out: www.

Kalene McGraner Kalene's teaches an exhilarating vinyasa flow full of opportunities to strengthen the body, neutralize the mind and enliven the spirit.

She came to yoga after walking past a studio while living in St. Not her family, not her friends, no one. I am at a loss and have the same problems. I want to say something to the family because they always told me that my kids and I were family. Any one have any thoughts???? I just read your story. I am sorry you and your children are going throw this.

And most sorry they thought it was best. For yous to be taken from her while she was in hospital. I really dont understand people anymore. But you sound like one special person. And how you tried to keep her going means so much. I hope you keep in your heart how much you tried to help her.


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Try to remember the good times you had with her. Sounds like she was deeply loved. As for her family and friends. Some times grief makes you feel if different ways. Sometimes someone needs to blame someone. But you need to decide if you want to accept this. Please put the love in your heart that yous had.

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Hold on to it tight. And thats all you need. We cant change how people act.

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Are who they want to blame. Its sad but thats people.

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  4. I could right a book. In the 7 weeks my husband is gone.

    I am very sad how people act. When you loose someone its trauma enough. But to deal with people like you have. In my eyes is heart break. I am sorry you had to deal with this. But try and rememeber what you had. No one can take that from you. Iwish you and your loved ones the best. This is crazy. No one saw it coming. Net day my sister died. It feels as if I was in the middle of a huge warehouse and somehow all my marbles were knocked out of my hands an rolled everywhere and the lights are out.