Mobile Enterprise Transition and Management (Advanced & Emerging Communications Technologies)

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Clouding computing is defined as utilization of computing services, i. Typically, this network is the internet.

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Some issues concerning cloud computing are privacy, compliance, security, legal, abuse, IT governance, etc. Another emerging trend within information technology is mobile applications software application on Smart phone, tablet, etc. Mobile application or mobile app has become a success since its introduction. They are designed to run on Smartphone, tablets and other mobile devices.

They are available as a download from various mobile operating systems like Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, etc. Some of the mobile app are available free where as some involve download cost. The revenue collected is shared between app distributor and app developer.

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User interface has undergone a revolution since introduction of touch screen. The touch screen capability has revolutionized way end users interact with application. Touch screen enables the user to directly interact with what is displayed and also removes any intermediate hand-held device like the mouse.

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Touch screen capability is utilized in smart phones, tablet, information kiosks and other information appliances. The field of analytics has grown many folds in recent years. Analytics is a process which helps in discovering the informational patterns with data.

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The field of analytics is a combination of statistics, computer programming and operations research. The field of analytics has shown growth in the field of data analytics, predictive analytics and social analytics. Jose Lopez Soriano. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide.


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Description Communication technologies change the way we live our lives-the ways we communicate and share information, the news, and our entertainment. The new millennium promises to bring some of the most volatile activity in the history of communications, as we continue to be bombarded by new standards and technologies.

The near frenzy of corporate mergers and acquisitions accelerates technological development and can provide hints of what is to come. With the rapid appearance of new protocols, standards, and tools, it becomes increasingly difficult -and increasingly important-for communications professionals to remain up-to-date on new and emerging technologies.

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In this landmark volume, 18 leading authorities each tackle one of the cutting edge technologies destined to shape the future. Each chapter Describes a technology and any standards on which it is based Discusses its impact on the communications field Forecasts its future direction Developed primarily for telecommunications specialists network managers, developers, and analysts, the Handbook of Emerging Communications Technologies: The Next Decade, offers the opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding of future technologies necessary to remaining current, and serves as a valuable reference guide for corporate executives, planners, and information managers-anyone seeking general knowledge about where the communications industry is heading.

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