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Marilyn Bardsley is the editor of Crimescape, a collection of compelling short nonfiction crime books by the best true crime authors in the business, many of whose books have been made into major motion pictures.

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Before starting the Crime Library, Ms. Bardsley was a telecommunications marketing executive for several multibillion dollar companies and an Internet investment consultant for large Asian multinational companies. The real story of one of the most bizarre cases in modern crime history. Marilyn Bardsley has nailed it. The movie was Hollywood. The book was After Midnight is the unvarnished truth. The current fascination with vampires makes some people identify with supernatural figures who dominate and take whatever they want.

Katherine Ramsland, who teaches forensic psychology and criminal justice at Pennsylvania's DeSales University, is unique in having extensive experience in researching and writing about crime and the vampire subculture. She holds graduate degrees in forensic psychology, clinical psychology, philosophy and criminal justice. Ramsland has written over 1, articles and thirty-eight books on forensics, serial killers, mass murderers and the popular vampire culture.

Product Description For the first time, dozens of exclusive interviews tell the inside story of how a dogged detective spent 12 years piecing together the murder of drag racing legend Mickey Thompson, who was gunned down with his wife on his driveway in by two masked men who fled on bicycles. With photographs. Each one had a victim beckoning from the grave for someone who had the tenacity and wits to learn everything about their life until the moment they left this earth. Heaven help Michael Goodwin. This riveting story is told as only insider and Pulitzer Prize nominee Tori Richards can tell it.

She was also a producer at CBS News. Through the years, we'd work together on other murders and she was one of the few journalists I would trust with inside information.

Aggressive, tenacious and bright—I always thought she'd make one hell of a detective in another lifetime. Gil Carrillo ret. Tori Richards is a master true crime storyteller. Hands down one of the best in the business. A generation later, fans of the fragile, troubled musician still puzzle over how it could be that a man who crooned about peace, love and understanding would meet such a violent end—from his own flesh and blood.

But why should we be surprised? The history of popular music is written in blood. Experts weigh in on whether there are patterns to the violence in rock and roll—and whether warning signs were missed in some cases that might have spared lives. David J. Krajicek is a longtime newspaperman, an author and a former Columbia University journalism professor.

Gotti & Me: A Journalist’s Close Encounters With the Mob

When I worked corporately, I would write in the evening from about 6 P. When I quit work, I retrained myself. In the evening I work on editing, replying to emails, working online. My handwriting is atrocious so the answer is computer! My inspiration comes from many places. My plots are inspired by stories in legal and mainstream newspapers, court cases and discussion not just with lawyers but clerks and bailiffs. The trick is to marry the legal procedures with the personal dilemma. I used to write until I had 20 pages a day, every day. The older I get, the less I do in one sitting.

I cherish the days, though, when the writing just flows. Before Her Eyes was my first indie book. I do some of the covers myself and others I have the help of a friend. My story is a little different than most writers.

NORCO '80-Peter Houlahan

I earned my MBA and intended to have a business career. My client was married to Danielle Steele. I thought it was a great dare but I never expected to be published. When it was, I was hooked. Now writing is my passion.

Natural Born Celebrities: Serial Killers in American Culture

Yes, I own a Kindle but I also read paper books. For traveling, though, an ebook device is amazing. This year I was in Germany, Lisbon, Turkey and had an entire library in my purse! I love book trailers. I have always been fascinated by the idea that your life flashes before your eyes when you are about to die.

Every character in this book stares death in the face and each has to relive decisions and loyalties and choices — sometimes in the blink of an eye. Like Before Her Eyes , I have split the book into two distinct parts: onsite with the victim and onsite with the investigation. This book will not have the fantasy element of Before Her Eyes. Expert Witness will explore revenge, self-righteousness, and the question of whether or not people should be held responsible in the present for things they did in the past.

Sunday, August 7, Jimmy M. Pudge Interview.

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But that comes from years and years of practice. When I first started writing, I remember early morning, before sunrise, was the best time. Man, reading my writing from a piece of paper is about a damn nightmare. I was never an excellent speller, and my writing skills were never good in print or in cursive.

I think emotions are key for any writer. I find that a lot of my anger drains away when I write. As far as being prolific, I get a lot of inspiration from my past. Lots of hard times taught me to work my ass off. I mainly write horror, crime and dark humor. I guess this also comes from my past. Troubles with the law, prison, poverty, etc… Shit like that tends to make your writing gloomy.

I think positively, but I tend to find a lot of negativity running throughout my stories. Based on my own personal experience, I find it harmful to set word count goals. I tend to get frustrated and start looking at the word count every other minute and wind up not completing anything. When I have no goals, I tend to breeze by on the story. You can write 10, words a day, everyday, and still never be a good writer.

Just write at your own pace and leisure. This is also bullshit. Fuck trying to produce something someone wants. Produce what you want, playa. Self-publish yourself, to hell with guidelines. I am both. I could finally write beautiful stories for horrible people. Slimy, greasy stories with humor and sex and all those things that make reading on the toilet so enjoyable.

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Cover art is very easy for me. Would you buy one with a tattooed fist holding a knife? I feel I must write. I remember when I was child, looking at E. The book had pictures in it, so I wrote a story to go with it.

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Writing also seems like a pain killer for me. When I write, I can get all the demons out of my head. Yes, I recently received a Kindle as a gift. Before owning the Kindle, the idea of self-publishing never even crossed my mind. I was like these other writers who believed going the traditional route was the only way.

Ha, ha, ha!