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It also is imperative to respond with a Spirit-led, all-out effort to reach teens. We must also reach young adults and singles. Millennials are on the verge of reshaping the foundation of American culture. The person afraid to change is often a people pleaser, lacks faith to bring about needed change, has been wounded, or is not in a safe environment to change.

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They need to be encouraged and empowered. Jesus walked 3, ministry miles during his active ministry. The gospel is an interval sport.

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You burn calories ministering. You pray, rest and then burn more calories. God has equipped us all with the ability to think deep thoughts , but He has called us to actively burn calories reaching out to neighbors, colleagues friends and enemies.

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Most of our churches mistakenly believe people will come to us if we open the doors. Prayerfully and intentionally assess why people are not attending. Invite a recalibration coach to visit and help you assess why people are not visiting or staying. Nothing a pastor does is more important than communicating and modeling our need for God. Communicating clever sermons to the church body is great. Praying with the church body is vital. The Next Big Thing.

Oct Aug Jul The FBI is conducting deeper analyses of toxicological results, the statement said, warning that conclusions may take up to a month and urging patience during this process. The three casesappear to be the most recent deaths, which occurred within five days in May at Bahia Principe resorts that are nearly adjacent to each other in La Romana.

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Miranda Schaup-Werner of Allentown, Penn. Experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization were also assisting in trying to find what caused the deaths of the tourists. Dominican officials said that the agencies were conducting health and epidemiological inspections of resorts, though it was not clear which ones.

But preliminary results they reported that pointed at similar conditions, such as pulmonary edema -- where the lungs fill with fluid -- and heart attacks in some cases, prompted relatives to raise doubts and a lack of trust that they were being told the truth.

Meanwhile, following news that at least two U. The spotlight on deaths of tourists broadened from the Bahia Principe resort group to the Hard Rock hotel after news that Robert Wallace of California died there in April after abruptly falling ill, and that last year David Harrison of Maryland also died suddenly.

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In a statement to Fox News, hotel officials said they are deeply saddened by these two unfortunate incidents, and weextend our sincerest sympathy tothe families of Mr. Harrison and Mr. We are currently waiting for official reports regarding these deaths. Their statement did not answer the second question. We can assure you, the safety andhealth of our guestsis now, andhas always been our highest priority, the Hard Rock statement said. We currentlyimplementbeverage protocols, including purchasing sealed and unopenedproducts from licensed and reputable vendors, as well as dailyinspections ofall products served throughout the hotel bars and in-room liquor dispensers.

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Additionally, our team members are trained toinspect all supplies, equipmentand products that enter the property, it said. Of course, we will continue toevaluate and recalibrate our protocolsto strengthen and enhance guest safety. Hotel officials have not responded to a follow-up question by Fox News about when they implemented the protocol they described as their current one.

Fox News has received scores of emails from people who say they fell critically ill after having a drink at the hotel or from the minibar in their room. Several had stayed at Hard Rock resort. Asked to comment on the Hard Rocks statement, they expressed skepticism. The same thing happened when I ordered a Johnnie Walker Black Label neat that was on display on the back bar shelf. The bartender grabbed the bottle, poured me the drink and what I received was a very low end, watered down tasting whiskey that was definitely not Johnnie Walker.

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