The Man on the Grassy Knoll

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Witt believed that if he saw the black umbrella on the sidelines of the motorcade, he would understand its significance.

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Though no formal charges were ever brought against Louis Steven Witt, he did testify about his involvement in the assassination. As he wrapped up his testimony, which clearly indicated he had no previous knowledge of the assassination and was just as shaken up as the rest of the public, he closed with a statement that sums it up like no other.

JFK anniversary: second gunman named

Then, take a look at some of these rare JFK assassination photos. By Katie Serena.

The Umbrella Man

Share Tweet Email. Report a bad ad experience. Katie Serena. Previous Post. The question of the "Badge Man" figure's existence helped perpetuate conspiracy theories that have alleged that members of the Dallas Police Department had killed Kennedy and simultaneously framed Lee Harvey Oswald. In his initial observations, Mack was assisted by photographer and assassination researcher Jack White, who continued his experimentation with the Moorman photograph.

In the mids, White put forward a new version, enhanced in contrast and brightness, which he claimed revealed the policeman figure in higher clarity. In it, a closeup of the enhanced "Badge Man" figure is repeated onscreen as a voice-over describes three shooters at Dealey Plaza, which is said to be in league with the Mafia. The narration identifies this shooter as Lucien Sarti , a French national and alleged contract killer.

To the anatomical right photo left of the supposed "Badge Man" figure, some researchers claim there is a second person seen, the self-proclaimed witness Gordon Arnold , who claimed in that he was filming the motorcade while wearing his U.

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Army uniform when a shot passed close to his left ear. The Moorman photograph was seen contemporaneously in world media through UPI , but the Warren Commission did not include it in the volumes of its report.

The RIT report states that it found no evidence of human forms anywhere in the background, and the specific area behind the stockade fence was deemed to be so underexposed that it was impossible to glean any information from it. Some researchers have claimed that the "Badge Man" image is sunlight reflecting off a glass bottle and not a human figure.

Some photos and films taken immediately after the assassination do, in fact, show a bottle sitting on top of the retaining wall. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. New York: W. US President John F.

What Physics Reveals About the JFK Assassination

Kennedy was assassinated on November 22 nd , , while riding in a presidential motorcade at Dealey Plaza, in Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested shortly after the shooting.

The Warren Commission and the ‘magic bullet’

A now widespread conspiracy theory posits that JFK was actually shot from a different location — the grassy knoll. There were several video recordings of the incident, and one in particular shows the shooting in detail. Nalli soon realized was due to a recoil effect. But he also noted that observers had missed one vital part of the evidence: the forward head snap at the moment of the fatal bullet impact.

Truth Be Told

When analyzed using fundamental classical mechanics, the forward head snap, which is visible in the Zapruder film, provides proof that JFK was shot in the head from behind. He developed a simple one-dimensional gunshot wound dynamics model to explain the movements observed in the film. To do this, the model uses known parameters from the crime scene, including bullet mass, speed, and diameter, camera shutter frequency and autopsy measurements. This is the first time this aspect of the case has been considered so thoroughly and quantitatively. Oswald worked located behind the motorcade.