The World Beyond Today: A guide to your multidimensional future (Messages from Illanitis Book 1)

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This helps us to live our life in a more empowering and inspiring way. May your month of March bring you greater wisdom and joy! Sometimes challenging events happen at crucial times in our lives - to assist us to let go, forgive and open our hearts to new situations, arrangements and ideas. They create paradigm shifts! Our lives are full of change and the more we embrace it when it occurs the easier it is to adjust to the "new". It has been a time of endings, beginnings and stronger connections with loved and valued family members and friends.


Have you had a chance to reflect on all that has occured for you during the first few weeks of this new year? With a new vibration it is though we need to reset our perspectives, values and intentions with a greater resolve! Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago about the heart. The Beauty of My Heart. In the stillness of my mind. Is the beauty of my heart. I know I am not apart. Lies the silent preparation. As - in the stillness of my mind.

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Is the wonder of creation. Aim high and open your hearts wide with the knowledge you create your own reality! Have a magical month of much delight.

Warm wishes for this new year. Here we are with a new year, a new beginning, a new vibration! It is up to us to make the most of it. I have always been interested in signs, patterns,connections and synchronicities in our daily lives. Have you noticed clues and signs in events, places and names connected to you? For example - When I was a small girl I inherited a beautiful doll that had been passed on to my mother when she was a child.

Did I know something in my subconscious all those years ago! I could go on. Is it prescience? Having prior knowledge of events before they take place?

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Are they clues to our destiny? No matter what - listen to your inner knowing as you make your choices and be alert to the amazing so called "coincidences" in our lives. Know we are part of a divine plan! The world is having troubling events and situations! It can be a time of merriment for some and yet many find it a less than merry time due to loneliness, sadness and challenging experiences in their lives. Supporting those who are in need will be a wonderful gift. The gift of kindness and thoughtfulness reinforces the meaning of Christmas for those who celebrate it.

Do you know of the traditional nursery song "Row,row, row your boat"? Row, row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Life is but a dream! I like to think of it as a metaphor for life! Being authentic, kind and merry will hopefully manifest for you an amazing festive season. Shine your light! My decluttering continues! Now I have completed the sorting of my dear departed at nearly mother's letters, photos and keepsakes etc I am continuing with my own necessary clearing out that I mentioned earlier in the year.

The process has been energy shifting and emotionally challenging as well as cleansing and freeing!!

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Files are now being emptied of so much old and unnecessary information from other long gone chapters of my life. It has been quite a shock and surprise to witness the long forgotten paper statements of my endeavours, various 'careers', trips, bank balances, tax returns, investments etc - reminding me of these times and situations - some as long ago as thirty years! Have you had similar feelings if you have done a big clean out?

And yet I am grateful to have had such a rich and varied life with so many wonderful opportunities and experiences along with good health. Now it all seems like a strange dream and sometimes a nightmare! The struggles, disappointments, traumas and sadness that most of us have at some stage along with the joy, fun and experience of being loved and loving have contributed to the 'melting pot' of 'what is'.

I can't wait to complete this task - and I may even have some empty shelf space in my study!! Do you have respect and gratitude for animals? Do you have an affinity with them? Whether they be cats,dogs, mice, rabbits etc we tend to have them for companionship, joy and love. Children gain a sense of responsibility for their care and usually the rewards are immeasurable.

There is a unique connection between a human and animal companion. Most pets have a strong bond, loyalty and unconditional love for their "owners" and give company and sympathy when needed. Animals use telepathy to communicate and can be most supportive in times of great need - such as a cat sleeping on the bed with someone dying.

They are helping with the sacred transition of that person. We humans are part of the animal 'kingdom' and we are playing our unique roles in the oneness of existence. We are all necessarily assisting each other to grow in our consciousness even though man has depended on animals as a source of food throughout time! My own experiences mainly with cats have been magical. He proceeded to play with it. The mouse stood up on its tiny hind legs and looked the cat in the eyes as though it was saying "I am not in fear of you! The cat was startled by this brave little mouse who promptly scuttled to safety under a couch.

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Here was an example to us, before our amazed eyes, to dispel our fears! During a trip to a game park in South Africa I was fortunate to encounter some beautiful white lion cubs in the wild. It was another magical experience. They are guardians of the human soul and they invite us to reawaken our own souls in order to protect the planet". Linda Tucker. I am so pleased I found by chance - or meant to be! It is crucial we protect these rare white lions and all other wild animals who are in danger of extinction to keep the harmony and balance in the world. I seem to resonate with the energy of cats domestic and wild although I also love dogs and have great respect for all animals.

Enjoy your relationship with the animals in your life and have a sparkling and joyful October. We have had a winter of much rain and cold here in Perth, which is to be expected and welcomed, as the different seasons bring opportunities for change and appreciation of the wonder of nature, renewal and fresh thinking. I must say I do enjoy the warmer weather and so I am delighted, at this time of the year, to see little signs of the arrival of spring here in the southern hemisphere.

The fresh budding of trees and flowers and the longer days. It is magical! There are orderly designs of nature. We need to have a greater empathy with all forms of life rather than be separate from them. This is a profound truth we can all do well to have a willingness to live by! Many people ask me to explain this. As I wrote my books through automatic writing I did not understand this myself until much later.

There are clues within the word Illanitis when you separate the letters and add an apostrophe and the letter d in the appropriate places. It becomes: I'll an d it is. I will and it is. The magic is within! Many blessings for your continuing journey. We use our minds continuously and often restful sleep is difficult as our minds keep "chattering" to us. It can be most exhausting and prevents us from having the clarity to move forward in our lives in the best possible way. If we clean out old, unnecessary thinking and old patterns and habits of doing and being that sometimes we can't see but other people can!! Restful sleep will help clear out our brains as will regular deep breathing, bringing in more oxygen.

Clarity of thought brings clarity of action and being and when we can sense something or someone is cluttering up our valuable energy we need to let it or them go.