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Breaking News. Thursday, September 8th. Transcript - Not for consumer use. Robot overlords only. Will not be accurate. I pay are you a good are you ma'am never matter real big fan your work did you get to treat from Josh he. Send this to you this morning about the school teacher. Who's Josh.

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Oh what is his two. We're under. Way turn in Beijing Urals fancy or engineers. Only orange came.

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He knows. I'll take keystone if he got back there. Not worth man. Enjoy the boulevard is back there. Josh you've talked to one and he talked to Mona Twitter you recognize if you saw he said this to me this morning. And we talked about this before. That there's a double standard when it comes to teacher sex game scandals in the worst kind of OK with that to some degree.

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Right to look for. So others giving these two stories disease both happened recently. Who had a long affair with a fifteen year old student has just been sentenced to six months in jail. She pled guilty in January. To sex. Marriage was on minor ones.

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US and what. Yeah yeah I applied for life OK so she gets so again extended relationships are all along affairs Lewis says yearlong affair fifteen year old student. She got six months in jail and just to register as a sex offender for life focus and now let's move to west branch Michigan it. We familiar moves and kind of have heard of it. Looking dejected and slumped in stature a middle school teacher learn how much prison time he'd get for multiple sex encounters with the student.

Despite his crime though the miner's mother and sister her daughter was no victim or survivor. Rain and orange jump shoot I jumpsuit shackles. And a few days double 31 year old on Jay can a more. Stood before the county circuit judge Robert Bennett for sentencing. The judge sentenced him.

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It's concurrent terms of 98 months. To fifteen years and loses to forty years in prison. With credit first days already served. He was sentenced to forty years in prison so he's the underdog on six month you're thinking how old is it held as the victim here right. Apparently he had poetry that this girl had written him they they don't give her name because she's a minor. Which usually they usually give the age. This article doesn't get up but it does say that he can fast or he was charged with having sex with a person between the ages of thirteen and fifteen.

So for you know thirteen somewhere around the same age is another teacher she got six months he got forty years Jesus I know you and I've up until now insane and it's kind of double standard nowadays that's a big and Datsyuk. That's that's a prop now. Becky can't be and I asked to raise some sort of standard right. No I'm not saying every crime is is a male under the circumstances but they're can't me. You know. Forty years to six months and the same age it's nice you know like crack and cocaine right yeah.

That's what we're really talking about right which facility Roger never thought well you know white people start cocaine so you don't get his bit. Jail time as you do if your smoking crack because that's a black people right right.

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Save a year. Good booted a forty years she got six months actually she's five years older so not that it matters but technically the age difference would be even bigger right if anything.

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Now what he will play or she looked calm she looked is one that plays any role that is not such a manager for I mean she's average looking now earned run average for some grocers should not honor China's auto mileage not. But she's not got you economic teacher high teacher. Wall learning thing.

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This guy and show a picture of him kind of hard to Ciba this is the best picture there so many orange jumpsuit amusement you know. Looks like an average you're boom. You know look he just. Lets you be a teacher. They're both white. Well what do you see Jesse answers and they both I don't know forty years home Bruno just six months now. I don't know I mean if they'd said she got six months and he got.

Eighteen months or something like yeah let's just not talk about it that's fine. Because up until now you and I've said there's a double standard. Right and that we're OK with it sometimes there's doubles so what are your reasons closer to afford your closer a six or travel section of middle school. Boy that is a loaded question.

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Zoom yeah I know what I want you know. I know what I want to. Said same time to say the number. Smith is a state missionary serving the churches of the Georgia Baptist Convention. The focus of his ministry is assisting pastors, ministers of education, Sunday School directors and other leaders in growing a healthy church. Tim has been with the Georgia Baptist Convention since He is a native of Georgia. Tim and his wife Cathy have adult two children and one grandchild. Their oldest; Therron, his wife Ashley and daughter Ember live in Atlanta. Darryl H. Wilson, Ed. Wilson began serving as a state missionary for the Kentucky Baptist Convention in September Over the years, Darryl has served five Baptist churches as Minister of Education.

He came to the convention from Eastwood in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where he served for almost six years. During those years, Darryl was also active in associational and state Sunday School work. Prior to coming to the Convention, he served as President-Elect and President of the association. Darryl also served in as President-Elect and then President of the State Sunday School Directors Association, an association of his peers across the country.